Several Tips For Christmas Day Shooting

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Christmas Day is on the way. How can you lose this precious opportunity of shooting? Want to take great photos or make is some different from others? Have a look at the below experiences of mine, maybe it is helpful for you.
The equipments you need
On the eve of Christmas, there are many people all around the street, so zoom lens will be necessary as well as the wide-angle and telephoto zoom lens. In addition, the tripod is also very important, so take along with it. Generally you should take:

1 DSLR camera (please prepare enough batteries and memory card)

2 Lens: Standard zoom (general shooting purposes, such as :18-55mm), large aperture lens (used to take the close-up of the Christmas lights, such as 50mm f/1.8 fixed focus lens), telephoto lens (shoot the high or distance lights, such as the 70-300mm)

3 Star filters (Recommended 4 Star or 6-Star)

4 Tripod

5 The shutter lines (non-essential)

6 The heart-shaped the bulk mirror filters
Basic shooting skills
Equipment setting:
Shooting mode: just like other night scenes, the novice can use the Aperture Priority mode, or use the "manual mode" to adjust the aperture, shutter and ISO.
The Aperture: f/8-f/11 will be OK for general shooting, but sometimes if you want to shoot photos of the shallow depth of field, you need to use a large aperture (f/1.4, f/2.8, etc.). Remember to pay attention to the shutter value not less than "the safety shutter" while using a small aperture, use the tripod if necessary.

Shutter: handheld shooting needs safety shutter; if use of a tripod, the shutter can be slower (such as 1/10 second, 1 second). If there is wind, you need to use higher Shutter speed.
ISO: In order to maintain the pictures quality, try to use low ISO values, such as ISO100, 200. But sometimes need to increase the ISO value, for example, when the aperture cant be too large as well as need to shoot handheld, ISO value may be adjusted in the range of 400 to 800.
White Balance: You can use the automatic white balance, if want photos seem coldere, try to adjust to a lower K (3000K or tungsten light).
Framework composition
You can use the framework method to highlight the subject by put the photos into the framework. The framework can be a real frame, or can also be objects that can look like a frame. For example, the door, the building, or any other things you can find.
Shallow depth of field shooting
Use the large aperture and telephoto lens can make shallow depth of field, can make the lights very beautiful.
The Rules of Thirds
Basically, the novice can take advantage of the rules of thirds as begging, and change to other composition when you are familiar with it.
White balance settings
In fact, we can adjust the White Balance to change the color of the photos, just try the different settings.
Want to take the photos with your iPhone? Many of the tricks above are also useful. Deleted the wrong photos in your Camera Roll? Maybe the iPhone photo recovery of the can be helpful for you.
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