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Teaching is said to be a vocation and the quality of a teacher is said to have enormous bearing on the learning of a student. Learning and teaching are being increasingly viewed as an important part and the role of teachers is thus very important. But for those teachers who have got a little tired of teaching the same thing over and over again, help is at hand in the form of blogs and articles written by some if the most experienced people in this profession.

A few discuss various methods which can be implemented by teachers and students alike to make their learning process more fun and productive at the same time. some of the experienced teachers such as Alla Volodina who is an educational expert with years of experience in the field has written some very useful articles which discuss things like some interesting strategies to teach accounts; why to incorporate personal finance in curriculum; how to transition study habits when entering university so as to score well and other similar topics. Alla completely endorses for inclusion of personal finance in schools in the US in order to raise a more financially confident future generation. She discusses the CFPB's recommendations in her article.

Alla Volodina in another of her posts discusses how to keep teachers motivated so that they can better facilitate the learning procedure of students. In order to encourage better study skills and creative learning teachers play a very vital role and thus their motivation is extremely crucial. Alla thus discusses some important points on how to motivate business and accounting teachers who teach at the high school level. She suggests teachers to keep up with the latest trends in education as well as be aware of the latest business news. She also advises institutes to provide teachers with all the required material and resources to aid their teaching. From encouraging the to go for short vacation during students leave to celebrating a teacher's appreciation week or even welcoming back an ill teacher with a greeting card are all subtle ways to keep the teachers of an institute motivated.

Alla also gives some simple teaching tips for accounts. She emphasizes on the benefits of working in groups and advises teachers of accounts to adopt this method since it is known to boost additional skills like being able to speak out and express their thoughts and also being able to work in a team apart from simply focusing on enhancing their study skill. She also advises teachers to deal with students based on their individual needs since capabilities and the creative learning capacity of every student is different and unique.

Alla Volodina also has a word of advice to those who are about to enter university. She makes the students realise that the method of study required in university and high school is different and the sooner a university student adopts it the better it would be. She advises students to be strategic and plan their study time well when in university so as to score well. Alla uses her vast experience to help out both students and teachers so as to better their learning and teaching experience.
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