Guide In Choosing The Best Cream Lotion for Eczema

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Atopic dermatitis eczema can bring a lot of discomfort, affecting babies even from birth, children and adults of both genders.
The signals for the onset of atopic dermatitis eczema are not always easy to read.
Patients prone to atopy have porous, dry skin which becomes inflamed when in contact with certain allergens or irritants: saliva, rubber, detergents, alcohol and perfumes in cosmetics etc.
For young adults, dry skin is easier to diagnose, with skin appearing scaly and itchy before turning red with patches.
For babies and children, the onset of eczema is more difficult to spot, their skin being much thinner and sensitive.
Sometimes the skin becomes immediately red, inflamed and irritated from one day to the next, with no warning signs.
Atopic skin needs to be properly hydrated daily to prevent the onset of inflamed dry patches, preferably after shower to lock in moisture.
Breaking the self-destructing habit of scratching the itchy eczema skin is crucial in staying in control.
The mechanical trauma of scratching further damages the already weakened epidermal barrier and starts the onset of eczema cycle.
Even normal skin, when scratched, looks as eczematic damaged skin under the microscope.
The application of creams and ointments with lipids, fatty acids, triglycerides increases skin hydration and stimulates barrier repair.
During acute exacerbation of atopic dermatitis, treatment with cream and moisturizers alone does not seem to be sufficient.
Instead, it has been shown that emollients improve treatment result with topical corticosteroids.
In children with atopic dermatitis, the use of topical creams that contain peanut oil should be avoided, as it is associated with an increased risk of developing peanut allergy.
The daily routine of skin hydration can include all natural organic oils like coconut or a specialized over the counter cream.
The best cream lotion for eczema should contain all natural or hypoallergenic ingredients and no flagrances.
Some of the best cream lotions for eczema are Stiefel Physiogel and Oilatum Junior with positive patient reviews for daily maintenance treatment of atopic skin and prevention of eczema onset.
While Stiefel Physiogel Cream has physiological lipids, Oilatum Junior Cream boasts of two ingredients that complement each other: light liquid paraffin and white soft paraffin.
These components prevent the water in the outer layer of the skin from evaporating.
When applied twice a day, in the morning and evening, preferably after shower, these cream lotions for eczema guarantee the proper maintenance of atopic skin, and prevent the uncomfortable flare ups.
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