Ways In Which You Can Subtly Share Your Passion For Animals

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I have to admit, I am a really big animal lover, and it tends to show. My spouse tends to feel a little alienated whenever we visit my parents, as my first forty-five minutes in their home gets devoted to the dog. I know I'm not alone; the internet is absolutely full of websites devoted to people spouting off about their pets.

But there are other ways to show admiration and love for animals, even if you don't feel comfortable sounding off on the World Wide Web. One subtle way to send the message in your own home is to use artwork or themes in various rooms in the home.

For example, there is a line of artwork at a local boutique that I love which is meant to be featured in the kitchen. It creates animal characters out of vegetables. For instance, there are salt and pepper shakers that make cauliflower look like little sheep. An eggplant is made to look like a seal, and so on. I plan to implement these in my own kitchen!

Other semi abstract art featured around your home can be a great conversation starter plus it gives you a high-culture reminder of your special love for animals while simultaneously supporting up-and-coming artists.

Fostering animals in your residence is also a wonderful way to further the work of organizations like the Humane Society, CAWS, and privately-run shelters in your area. Many people cannot provide the ongoing support for pets in need of forever homes, so they choose fostering as an alternative.

When you lose a pet--due to old age or an accident or some other way--you will definitely be grieving for awhile. If you don't have other pets that use their items like toys, crates, kennels, gates, blankets, bed, and so on, consider donating them to a local shelter or to a friend in need in order to ensure that some other pet can get the enjoyment they deserve.

If you can't care for animals of your own--whether your residence doesn't allow them or you just don't have the time to devote--consider making regular donations to organizations you care about.

I am a very pet-oriented person, so I might be attracted to not-for-profit associations which advocate for the fair treatment of cats and dogs and other household critters.

But if you are more concerned with endangered wildlife, then think about investigating donations to your local zoo or worldwide philanthropic organization which allow you to make a difference with giant panda and white rhinos.

If you get a certificate of membership, display it in your home. This simply goes back to having subtle ways to let people know what's really important to you when they cross that threshold. That way, you have an interesting and intriguing way to share your passion.
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