How To Find Hot College Guys

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Often times the transition between high school and college can be challenging. Meeting new friends, adjusting to new surroundings and greater academic pressure make college dating difficult. Everyone has their own advice to give; what worked, what didn't work and of course a dozen "worst date ever" stories. Some colleges have only a small pool of eligible, or better yet desirable, men and women, leaving many to compete for their affection. Table for one? There has to be a better alternative.

The first piece of advice someone gave me was to meet guys at parties and strike up a conversation. Like many other attractive college girls have experienced, it is very easy to get into a frat party, but next to impossible to find someone that is looking for something more than a hook up. Besides how can you talk to someone when the music is blaring so loud you can barely hear yourself think? If you agree parties suck for college dating I would try to checking out some of these hot college guys online.

The next step was to socialize at school sporting events. If you are into the sporty guy then it seems logical to hang out on their turf, after all what girl would mind checking out guys in tight pants? But the guys that are on college sports teams are often arrogant and incapable of intelligent conversation. They see themselves as the hero of their team and all they are looking for is another #1 fan to add to the rotation. Even worse they seem to be the biggest group of cheaters, probably because the only thing the can remember is when practice starts and not who they were with the night before.

College dating at clubs and bars are another logical route. Get a few friends together to hit the town seems like a great idea, and often was fun to scope out the guys with friends, but at the same time it was really cheesy. Often there were old guys at the bars trying to hit on you, guys old enough to be your father. If I really wanted to get hit on by older guys I'd attend the family reunion and endure Uncle Mark asking me how close we were related. The last thing I wanted was to feel uncomfortable when trying to find a decent guy and the inconvenience of paying a $20 cover charge and getting dressed up made it that much worse.

Ultimately I decided to look online for a more efficient and safer way to find guys. While some of the large sites cater to people over 30, I found a site called College Catch that is specifically for college students. I've found lots of great guys and for once I feel like I'm on the right track without feeling like I'm settling. I've also been able to date guys from nearby colleges. Talking to guys online and exchanging emails has helped me to weed out the guys I'm not interested in. No one takes it personally when you don't respond back, and you get the chance to feel comfortable with the person before meeting face-to-face. Finally guys are competing for my affection!
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