What Type of Roofing is Best in Strong Winds?

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    What roof is the most durable?

    • Mechanically fastened metal roofing, either sheet or shingle, steel or aluminum, can withstand winds of 140 mph. Another benefit, a metal roof will last twice as long as an asphalt shingled roof.

    At What Cost?

    • Roof your home with asphalt shingles for a third of the cost.village homes image by John Keith from Fotolia.com

      Irrespective of their longevity, steel and aluminum roofing products cost three to four times as much as asphalt shingles. To conform to the International Residential Code, the State of Texas Department of Insurance Windstorm Inspections regulates that roof shingles must carry either an ASTM D3161 Class F rating or a UL 2390 Class H, both of which indicate a product that can withstand gusts up to 130 mph. Within this directive are listed more than 200 types of shingles, made by six manufacturers, all of them in compliance with the standard.

    Bottom Line

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