Dubai Continues To Be the Dreamland for Dubai Real Estate Companies

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In the early 90's, the emirate of Dubai was nothing but a desert place; however, just two decades later, the area has become a crazy urban whim inspired by the extravagance and luxuries on the whole. Dubai is the setting for numerous recreational and urban projects that are under development and there is a great and the big project going on called Dubailand, and in case of Dubailand; extension, it will make it the biggest theme park in the world. All these construction work shows how Dubai real estate companies are making money in that region. On December 2, the emirate celebrates the birth of the Dubai UAE National Day Festival. To commemorate this day, Dubai's museums open their doors free to the public while the streets are home to all kinds of shows.

Though it is a fact that the beginning of 90's showed the world Dubai emirate as merely desert landscape that left room for a few scattered buildings. However, the story is different now completely and it will be difficult for the people to believe who saw Dubai at that time and lived in cheap rent Dubai apartments. It took just two decades and the area has become the best in the world.

Only in this scenario could be quoted and building world's tallest hotel, the first seven star hotel on the planet, and artificial islands have totally changed appearance of Dubai on the world map.

The first historical references dates back to Dubai in 1587 when the Venetian merchant Gaspero Balbi warned that the area was home to a major commercial activity regarding the extraction and sale of pearls. Some sources, therefore, that it seemed to foretell the magnificence that would engulf the UAE territory today. In 1892, Dubai became a British protectorate, in an attempt to prevent incursions of the Ottoman fleet, a situation which lasted until 1971. However, the discovery of oil in the area occurred in 1966 and opened the door for a strong income that would transform the economy and the appearance of the area. This was particularly intense from the 90, but at the end of the last decade gained renewed momentum truncated from 2008 because of the housing crisis.

At present, the extension of Dubai is 4,114 km² and its population in 2008 stood at 2,262,000 people, mostly from Southeast Asia and in general of the Islamic faith. The urban area is divided into two distinct areas: Deira on the north and Bur Dubai in the south while the emirate has metro and monorail system up and running and the private car is the most flexible means of transport to move around both areas. The influx of people which is getting higher and higher needs to have Dubai apartment rental more and more as this is the easy means to afford accommodation.

We can see that Dubai is an important spot in the Middle East region and Dubai real estate companies are having good business through Dubai apartment rental which is quite cheap rent Dubai as compare to the elite hotel rooms and mansions in the artificial islands.
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