Places of Attraction in Macau

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There are many places you can visit while in Macau, and one of the most important is represented by the Macau Tower. The tower is easily reached since it is located only steps away from the ferry terminal and close enough to the airport. Climbing inside the tower will offer you some breathtaking views of the city where, if the air is clear, you will be able to see the Pearl River and Hong Kong Island.

There are many things to do inside the tower since it houses a theater, some observation decks, an exhibition hall, and, for those that love bungee jumping, a platform from which they can do the jump of their life. When you are tired with exploring the place, you can dine in one of the fine restaurants located here, such as the revolving restaurant.

Macau is famous for its entertainment options, and the Macau Grand Prix is a much appreciated event. This event is held in November. Also, whether or not you like to gamble, you should go to the Venetian Macau casino as this is a great place to see the city.

Weekend entertainment usually includes casino action for locals. Many of them also have hotels.

Walking on the streets of Macau can offer you some really great entertainment. For instance, Nam Van Lake Cybernetic Fountain is a great show of water cascading and shooting in the air at 80 meters high. If you happen to be there during the day, you will be able to witness a live musical performance. Laser light shows are held in the evening.

A few minutes away from the ferry terminal you will find Macau Fisherman's Wharf, where you can indulge in a lot of shopping, entertainment, admiring the exhibits at the cultural center and many more. Here you will find a casino, an amphitheatre, a convention center, and many fine restaurants and pubs. You can dine here or sip a glass of your favorite beverage while watching the people go by.

Among the attractions one can visit in Macau, there is also Saint Paul church, which was erected at the beginning of the 17th century. The church was placed near Jesuit College, the first Westerner College built in Asia. In order to become astronomers and mathematicians serving at the emperor's court in Beijing, missionaries came here to learn Chinese. The church was destroyed during a fire in the 19th century but you can still see the faade and its grand staircase, a great example of European and Asian architecture.

Near the ruins, new constructions appeared, such as the Museum of Sacred Art and Crypt. Here you can admire religious paintings, sacred objects, relics and many other exhibits. Also, a temple was built here during the same time with the church. The Na Tcha Temple is part of the historical center.
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