How Does a Little Caesars Franchise Owner Spend a Workday?

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    Morning Stock

    • A Little Caesars pizza shop owner spends his workday just like any other franchise owner. The first thing he does is check on the store's stock. He will check toppings, boxes, pizza dough, soda and everything else. He will then order new stock from Little Caesar's, which distributes dough, sauce, toppings and specialty items to its stores through its distribution channels.

    Monitoring Sales

    • The next thing the owner will do is to check the store's sales from the night before. This bookkeeping task could take several hours. The owner will balance the receipts and enter them into her spreadsheet software (if she uses this for bookkeeping). She will compare sales for that day to last year's and the previous week's to see if trends are developing, and then analyze what she can do better. She will also see how much of a profit the store is making.

    Deals and Specials

    • Another part of the owner's day involves managing the deals and specials that Little Caesars offers. Each franchisee must decide if he is going to take part in these specials. If so, he will order the promotional products (in-store fliers, posters and ads) for the promotions and make sure employees are aware of them. If the owner wants the employees to up-sell the items on the phone, she will let them know.

    Managers' Responsibilities

    • In some cases, the franchise owner leaves nearly all of these chores to a manager. That depends on how hands-on the owner wants to be and if he has found someone he can trust enough to carry out the day-to-day duties of running the store. In many cases the owner will not even come into the store except to check on things from time to time. If he does come into the store and prefers to be a hands-on owner, he can partake in any part of the business, even delivering pizzas and answering the phone.

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