How to Make a Puffy Satin Hanger

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    • 1). Cut the plastic garbage bags into continuous long 2-inch-wide strips with the scissors, beginning at the top of the bag and coiling around it.

    • 2). Tie the ends of all six strips to the top of the wire hanger under the hook. Divide the strips in half. Braid three strips down one side of the hanger, passing the strips over and under and incorporating the hanger wire. Cover the corner edge and braid half of the bottom hanger wire.

    • 3). Braid the remaining three strips down the opposite side of the hanger, ending at the middle of the bottom wire. Tie the strips ends to the opposite braid strip ends, trimming excess fabric neatly with the scissors.

    • 4). Tie one end of one package of satin seam binding to the top of the hanger under the hook. Wrap the seam binding neatly over the plastic braid. Add additional seam binding by sewing the ends together with the needle and thread. End by tying the seam binding end to the top of the hanger.

    • 5). Cut a 7-inch piece of seam binding and tie it to the top of the hanger in a decorative bow, under the hook, to complete the puffy satin hanger.

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