Craft Gift Ideas for Mom

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      The most important element of any gift is not the money spent on purchasing it, but the time spent thinking of a loved one while creating it. Craft gifts are a perfect way for children to express their love and affection to a mom on Mother's Day or any other occasion. Even the most modest item can become a cherished heirloom. Here are three craft gift ideas for mothers to enjoy.

    Gift Coupons

    • Put together a selection of gift coupons to make sure mom feels appreciated the whole year through. Use colored construction paper and felt-tip markers to make coupons mom can redeem any time she feels the need for some extra special treatment. For example, she can use the "I promise to clean the kitchen top to bottom" coupon after a long day at the research laboratory so she can relax as her family makes the countertops spic and span. The "I promise to stop fighting with my brother" coupon can be presented to cool down arguments, and the "I promise to go to bed early" coupon can give moms a little extra peace and quiet when it's needed most. Cut some cardboard pieces the same size as the coupons to form the covers of a book, then stitch one end together to keep the coupons in place and ready to be used.

    Photo Bouquet

    • Brighten a mom's desk with a festive bouquet of hand-cut paper flowers with the smiling faces of her children glowing from the center of each blossom. Trace flower shapes onto brightly colored construction paper with felt-tip markers, and decorate with stickers and glued-on beads. Carefully cut a circle out of the center of each flower, then glue the flower over a favorite photo of the kids to be showcased in the bouquet. Trim the extra photo parts poking out from the sides of each bloom. Glue a section of green pipe cleaner to the back of each flower to serve as the stem, then insert the tip of each stem into a small block of Styrofoam to hold it in place. Gently put the bunch of flowers you have created into a vase, and you have made a fun and festive photo display that will liven up any corner office or faculty lounge.

    Bra Purse

    • Transform one of mom's bras into a fun little purse that will not only hold a cell phone and money but also will remind all who see it about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Simply take any bra and snip off the back straps from the cups, but leave the shoulder straps. Bras with a strong support wire make for stable bra purses, as do padded bras. Glue the edges of the cups together to form a sort of shell shape, being sure to leave a space unglued to form the mouth of the purse. Decorate the bra with lace, beads, sequins or embroidered patches. Tie the shoulder straps together at intervals of an inch or so to form a single shoulder strap for the holding of the purse. Install a zipper into the mouth of the purse with a little help from a sewing machine, and you have created a whimsical conversation piece that is functional and fun.

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