How-To Mask Your Affiliate Domain With Godaddy

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Things that should take you five minutes to do online can take over one hour if you don't know how. Building my business online I always have the opportunity to talk with many new partners who have just joined my business or industry vets about the possibility of a joint venture.

From the rookie whose just learning the words, "noob"and "newbie", are referring to him/her from the seasoned M.V.P. , the same questions are asked time and time again.

Buying web domains can be quite confusing. Heck, isn't there a way to know before I purchase the domain if will be effective or not? Of course there is.

Here are a few simple tips you can remember. There are 3 main components of every great headline; they are fear, curiosity, and urgency. Your headline is generally where the most emphasis is implied because its usually the first thing your leads online will see.

It'll take time of practicing and learning to write high converting headlines but in the meantime you can use communities like Digg, whose main purpose is to rate how great a title is, for great ideas and examples.

You can also use CNN, CBS, and ABC to give you an idea of what is working.

If you've started buying domains you should know url providers like Godaddy are offering 90 free subdomains, one's like, along with your url when you purchase one domain at only $9.99 every year.

I personally use Godaddy for all of my domains not because of their affordable prices but their 24 hour support. When I first got started online I accidently deleted all the content on my website. Instead of people going to my page and seeing me on a beach chair they were instead looking at a devastating error message.

That means I was losing leads left and right, so I quickly called Godaddy support. Not only was the technician able to revive my website but he did it with a genuine, "I'm happy to help you attitude". Did I mention it was near four-o-clock in the morning?

Once your signed into your Godaddy account, you'll see a tab in capital letters that reads, "My Account".

Click "My Account" and you'll be taken to a new page with a menu on the left hand side titled, "My Account". In this menu, click the area where it reads, "Domain Manager" this is below "My Domains".

Once the new page has loaded you will then see a menu of icons. Hover over the image that reads "Forward" and then click below it "My Domain". Here you will have the opportunity to forward your domain to any url on the net.

Godaddy also provides 90 sub domains along with your purchased domain that can be edited in the same area. To the right you should see a scroll bar within Godaddy's website. Scroll to the bottom of this page to an area titled, "Sub Domains Manage". Click on "Manage" and a new window will open. This window will give you the option to add new subdomains and forward any subdomain to an affiliate link.

Always remember to take your time, collaborate with like-minded individuals and always know, YOUR ALMOST THERE!
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