iPhone 3G - I Like it - I Want it - I Need It

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If you are thinking of purchasing a new cell phone, there are many advantages to choosing an iPhone 3G.
The iPhone has many features that you just cannot get on a standard cell phone.
These features include audio and video players as well as Web browsing and GPS capabilities.
They include a built-in camera, as well as a number of other useful features.
This iPhone features a powerful contact list, complete with search functionality.
It also includes an excellent mobile calendar, and even a scientific calculator.
These features and more make the iPhone 3G a great choice if you are looking for something that is much more versatile than your standard cell phone.
Although earlier iPhones had slow browsing capabilities, the version of iPhone has solved this problem.
The iPhone 3G has greatly increased the browsing speed and it now loads Web pages nearly three times faster than previous iPhone models were capable of doing.
This improvement, which is due to the 3G network that supports the iPhone, is especially convenient for Web browsing, because of the fact that Web pages keep getting more graphically intense.
A fast browsing speed definitely reduces frustration as compared to a slower system.
The size of this generation of iPhone is very similar to the original iPhone, except that it is a little thicker overall.
However, the shape is more rounded and it is actually a little thinner on the edges, due to some overall reshaping of the iPhone 3G.
The battery still is not user-removable, which some people see as a disadvantage of the iPhone.
However, the iPhone 3G has a longer battery life than the original model.
In order to help preserve battery life, the GPS is only active when you are using it.
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