Nighthawks by Edward Hopper

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Nighthawks is a classic city scene by American realism painter Edward Hopper who work has starred amongst the finest of all to have come from this country up to now. This article will examine the qualities of Hopper's paintings and also touch on some of the best choices as art prints for those who want to enjoy his work in their own home. American art has been particularly important and influential since the start of the 20th century and so most of their best artists have had relatively contemporary styles when compared to the old European masters who excelled in different art movements such as Baroque and Renaissance.

Nighthawks remains the best known painting from Edward Hopper and is amongst the most reproduced painting amongst the American market thanks to their devotion to fellow American artists as well as the qualities found within this particular work. Nighthawks follows the artist's normal style of leaving atmospheric scenes accompanied by just a few figures which still helps him to stand out as an original artist who kept this approach throughout his career. The scene with in this painting is of a bar with a few strangers sound around contemplating their day, with no activity happening outside.

Edward Hopper was a painter who created timeless scenes which we all can enjoy today and they held a certain charm which belied his own problems which dogged parts of his life as he struggled for stability and happiness like so many other high talented artists. It is pleasing to see that despite his problems he still left an impressive mark upon the art world which went far beyond just his success in Maine, eastern America. Hopper went on to become one of the most loved Realism painters around and this art movement continues to attract new supporters in the modern era who are drawn to the qualities of artists like Edward Hopper.

We can summarise Nighthawks by stating that it captures the qualities of Edward Hopper's paintings perfectly and just adds an extra twist thanks to the intriguing characters found in this painting which adds a little longevity beyond the others that he produced. It is impressive to see the legacy that this great artist has produced and it appears that his style was very popular with in the mainstream art public which is a benefit to him today, with so many drawn to his prints having not been aware of him previously.
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