How to Ejaculate 500% More Semen Naturally

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Do you want to increase your semen production? Trust me, you are not alone.
A lot of men seem to be unhappy with the volume of semen they ejaculate.
A larger volume of semen can increase pleasure during ejaculation and help you achieve intense, powerful and prolonged orgasms.
Your diet and lifestyle highly effects your semen production.
Here are some simple and easy ways to boost your semen production: 1.
Begin Working Out
Exercise is great for increasing both blood circulation and testosterone production in your body.
Exercises that involve your lower body are great for stimulating release of testosterone within your body.
Squats, lunges etc.
are the best examples of such exercises.
These exercises also help increase blood flow to the testicles.
More nutrient rich blood helps your testicles produce more semen.
Thus, you must try to hit the gym at least 4-5 days a week.
Avoid Tight Underpants
A lot of men now wear tight underpants that can reduce semen volume and sperm count.
One of the biggest disadvantage of such pants is that they can increase temperature in your testicles.
Higher temperature is bad for both your semen production and sperm count.
The temperature in your testicles is two degrees lower than the normal body temperature to ensure proper semen production.
This is why your testicles hang apart from the rest of your body.
It's a good idea to avoid tight underpants and wear loose boxers instead.
For this very same reason, you must also avoid hot baths and sauna baths.
You must try to opt for a cool shower in place of a hot bath.
Research has shown that a cold shower in the morning is likely to raise your testosterone levels.
Avoid Stress
Stress affects your body in extreme ways.
Emotional stress, depression and other negative feelings increase stress hormone cortisol in your body.
This hormone affects testosterone adversely.
Managing stress not only boost your libido or sex drive but also creates conditions favorable for better sexual and reproductive function within your body.
Some of the best ways to beat stress include yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises etc.
Even exercise is a great way to reduce stress.
Working out in the evening helps you sleep better.
Adequate and peaceful sleep helps increase both testosterone and HGH in your body.
Consume More Lean Meat, Fish
Lean meat and fish are excellent sources of zinc, magnesium and selenium.
All these minerals are great for increasing semen production in your body.
Oily fish is also abundant in essential fats like Omega 3 fatty acids that help boost testosterone secretion in your body.
Nuts and beans are also a great source of such fats.
Oats are rich in proteins, zinc and essential fats and are excellent for stimulating testosterone production.
Try to include oatmeal in your breakfast.
It will help enhance your energy levels too.
Try a Natural Semen Enhancement Pills
Apart from the above, you can also try natural male enhancement pills.
Such pills are a powerful blend of herbal extracts, minerals and other nutrients.
They build your body's reserves slowly and steadily so that it can produce more semen.
Some of the top-notch pills are so powerful that they can help you produce up to 500% more semen within a few months.
Not just this, they can also help boost blood flow to the penis so that you can get harder and stiffer erections.
Another major benefit of such pills is that they can help boost your ejaculatory control too so that you can last longer in bed.
Top of the line pills are safe and devoid of negative side effects.
They are recommended by doctors too.
So, if you want to produce 500% more semen, check out the Best Semen Pills that have helped thousands of men over the past decade.
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