How to Make Ringtones Using Windows

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    • 1). Download Audacity for Windows. There is a precompiled base installation available.

    • 2). Install the necessary Audacity plugins. These are not installed by default. You will need the LAME MP3 encoder to export mp3 files. You will need the FFmpeg library to export m4r ringtones, as the iPhone requires.

    • 3). Import your audio file into Audacity. Click "Project" then "Import Audio" to import your source audio file.

    • 4). Edit your ringtone. Audacity is a full-feature audio editor. For example, you can trim the start and stop points, equalize the sound, or even create loops.

    • 5). Export your audio file into the appropriate ringtone format. This format varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and device to device. You may need to consult additional documentation. Common formats include mp3, WAV, and m4r.

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