3 Cell Phone Accessories That Will Make You Uncool

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With virtually everybody on the face of the planet now owning a cell phone, its no surprise that there are so many accessories on the market.
While some of them do have a function and a use, most of them are just plain rubbish and being caught with most of them will just leave you looking like a dork.
If you are a guy between the ages of 18 and 35 and you own any of these cellular phone accessories, then I would recommend you get rid of it immediately.
It will immediately get you categorized into the dork category.
Cell Phone Pouch How ridiculous.
We've all seen the SOB's who walk around with a cell phone pouch that clips unto their belts and that's dangling around their waist like some novel device from the early 1980's.
What makes this even wore is if you have a pouch for your Zippo lighter on the other side and if your pouch is made of leather with your name engraved on it - say no more.
Solar Cell Phone Charger This thing screams "geek" and only those who have it can appreciate it.
In my opinion its even too geek for normal geeks.
this clever little device allows you to use sun power to charge your cell phone.
It comes with a clever fan like solar panel that you can deploy almost anywhere to make sure your phone is always charged.
Perspex Phone Cover this applies specifically to iPhone users.
You've probably seen these phone covers around.
Its a casing for your phone that is designed to keep your shiny new iPhone from getting scratched.
It adds about 2 inches to the dimensions of the phone and is so ugly I doubt that even the ugliest Nokia phones can compete with it.
Don't be afraid.
Its okay if your iPhone gets a scratch.
After all, the reason why we use the iPhone is because its so sexy.
Why hide it inside some plastic case?
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