The History of Cell Phones

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People may not be aware of this fact but the device called cell phone has been around for a longer time than they know.
Wireless communication had been made possible since the early 1970s but back then only military departments of various countries used it.
The technology was way inferior to what we have today.
Simply put though they were in use back then and they were very inefficient.
For instance, they used to work only when both devices were within a particular range.
Their size was also very large due to which they were rendered immobile and could not be carried around as we do today.
All this has changed with the rapid improvements in technology made by the telecommunications industry.
In the early nineties mobile phone was making rapid strides towards entering the life of more and more people.
The cell phones are not based on analog signals but on digital signals which are far superior in quality compared to the former.
Due to the availability of digital technology it is possible to have voice clarity similar to that of wired telephone we use to make calls at our home.
The cell phone is increasingly becoming affordable for all sections of society due to the massive competition in this sector.
The companies are aiming to create a customer base consisting of not only businessmen but also ordinary people we see every day on the street.
Nowadays we can do a lot of things on our cell phone.
It is possible to play music on it and we also share data through their in-built Bluetooth devices.
A person can also access the internet using his mobile phone.
The cost of the mobile phone is itself coming down.
It is also possible to plug it in to an audio system and play the music aloud.
Cell phones have revolutionized the way we communicate with others.
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