What Is Landscaping?

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Question: What Is Landscaping?

"Landscaping" novices and buyers of new homes can profit from a practical, working definition of the term....


So let's answer the question, What is landscaping?

By definition, to be properly said to be "landscaping" a property, you must be making home improvements on that property's grounds -- either in a practical or in an aesthetic way. In an extended sense, everything on your property that stands outside of the home itself is part of a property's landscaping.

Simply put, if you can look out your window and see an object in your yard, then it is affecting the overall aesthetics of the grounds of your property -- and, as such, it falls under the purview of the "landscaping" for said property.

A house and its landscaping should be harmonious with each other. Achieving such harmony is sometimes possible intuitively. But if you're more serious about complementing your house with your landscaping, you really need to take matters to the next level -- landscape design, which is essentially an art form (although this discipline never loses sight of practical considerations, as well).

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