Summer Day and Night Baby Video Monitor - Quality at an Outstanding Price

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Are you looking at buying a Summer Day and Night Baby Video Monitor? If so, you've made an excellent choice, for this line of baby monitors represents the best combination of quality and value on the market today.
This article will tell you why these monitors are so popular and how you can get one at the best price.
Why so many parents choose a Summer Day and Night Baby Video Monitor The baby is asleep.
It's time to do household chores, or eat dinner, or relax.
You want to keep an eye on the baby, though - is he still sleeping? Is she sneezing? Is she breathing? But you don't dare poke your head in to take a look - opening the door and letting in the hallway light will definitely wake him up and make you go through the whole going-to-sleep routine again.
This is what baby monitors are for.
A video monitor from the Day & Night product line by Summer Infant - one of the leading manufacturers of baby products in the U.
- enables you to see your baby's every movement and hear every sound from anywhere in the house.
It delivers a crisp sound and clear picture at all times, day or night, even in total darkness.
The Day & Night line offers a wide range of monitors to match most any need and budget - from the highly portable Quiet Sounds unit with 1.
8" screen, to the 7" flat screen model with unique tilt and swivel design to allow multiple angles.
Altogether, these products represent exceptional value and the best quality available in their price range.
All of the Day & Night models are among the 100 bestselling baby safety products at a leading online retailer.
The 2.
5" Infant View and 7" flat screen were best picks among video monitors by the online parenting magazine Babble.
All models come with features you expect: 350-foot extended range (400 feet on the 7" model), 900 MHz technology and two available channels for minimum interference, nighttime LED lights that work in total darkness, long-lasting rechargeable batteries and AC power adapters, wall and tabletop mounts for the camera, and adjustable brightness and volume controls on the display.
The portable units come with belt clips and table mounts for the display.
By choosing a Day & Night video monitor from Summer Infant, you can keep watch over your baby continuously without disturbing her rest.
If you should have problems, all Summer Infant monitors are backed by the company's customer support by phone during business hours and email.
So how do you find a Summer Day and Night Baby Video Monitor at a great price? Since these monitors are so popular, there are many stores that sell these products.
But the prices vary.
Some of them have discounts and some of them just have lower prices.
So you need to know how to find the best deals from among the large number of retailers and online sites that sell baby products.
The best way is find someone who knows about savings and see what they have found.
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