Leaking Pipes Are Not the End of the World

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This article offers some simple tips for dealing with leaking pipes.
Hopefully, with the information I have provided, you will not feel overwhelmed the next time one of the pipes in your home develops a leak.
With any luck, you will be able to save on the cost of a plumber fixing the leak for you.
After all, every dollar matters these days.
If you can determine that the leak is small and insignificant, it is possible to use self amalgamating tape to fix the leak.
All you have to do is wrap the tape tightly around the part of the pipe that has developed a leak.
If done properly, the tape will seal the leak.
A pipe clamp can be very useful in emergencies such as when burst pipes occur.
You can use it as a temporary fix by fitting it over the leaking section of the pipe.
This will give you time to arrange a more permanent solution.
All hope is not lost if you can't turn the water supply off.
In such situations, you can use a pipe freezing kit to solidify the water and effectively stop the flow.
After freezing the leaking pipe, cut off the damaged section and replace it.
For compression fittings, try to re-tighten each nut slightly.
Take care not to overdo the tightening, or else you might end up making the leak worse.
For soldered joints, use a hot blow lamp or hair dryer to remove the moisture from a pipe after you have drained it.
Next put in some self cleaning flux into the dried pipe joint.
You can then melt the flux by reheating the joint, and use the flux to seal the leaking joint.
A sealant such as epoxy resin putty can be very useful in situations where you want to temporarily stop the leak before dismantling the pipework.
Since epoxy resin is difficult to remove after it has set, a better alternative for compression fittings is silicon paste.
After applying the sealant, you will need to turn off the water supply before eventually dismantling the pipework and fixing the leak.
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