Advantages of Having Green Roof for Your Dream Home

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Traditional roofs are seen almost everywhere. These common roofs are durable and add strength to the homes; one cannot have any doubt or confusion in this fact. These traditional roofs are usually made of either cement or tiles. They have their utilities too. However, the modern home owners have come up with modern roofing ideas which are, nevertheless, very good and they add more beauty to the home making them look more attractive. They add more meaning to the homes, especially to the roofs as well.

Usually, people from Seattle have shown remarkable amount of maturity in the use of these new ideas. They have gone green which devising new ideas for their homes. These homes get a new look which makes them center of attraction for every pair of eyes. The concept of €roof top garden' virtually comes live in these houses. The roofs are decorated with various types of natural plants. These plans include flowering plants and show pieces. The greenery above the roof brings a sort of serenity to the entire set up. The owners of the house can spend a larger part of their day sitting there in the roof top garden.

A garden like this can be environmental friendly. Though small in quantity, these plants liberate some amount of oxygen in the atmosphere and at the same time, they consume some amount of carbon dioxide as well. This meager amount of oxygen can increase in the time to come when more and more people would accept the idea behind this type of green roof. It is, certainly, a model which would influence more and more people and that would improve the situation for the people themselves.

The roof would remain safe under the mud of the plants which would be put there. The mud protects the roof from storm water and other type of harmful things and thus the roof remains unharmed for a longer period of time. If the roof does not get damaged and that would save a lot of money for the home owners which they would be required to spend on its repairs. A roof covered with plants of various types does not give way to gutters and cracks of any type.

A house with green roof remains colder during the summer days. It is an additional benefit that the owners of homes with green roofs have over the ordinary homes. As said earlier, the practices of green roofs are in much use in Seattle where the role of the Seattle Roofing Contractor
is beyond mention. These contractors have been largely successful in bringing these ideas to modern homes.
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