Lesbian Sex: A Handy Guide to Making Love With Your Hands

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Learn to better use your hands when making love with another woman.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: Fifteen minutes to two hours

Here's How:
  1. Begin your love making session by getting her aroused. Talk seductively in her ear, tease her, touch her, kiss her, blow on her neck, caresses her under her shirt, slowly undress her.
  2. When you sense her arousal, slowly move your hands down toward her thighs. Push her legs apart and tease her by lightly running your hand over her vulva. Cup her vulva with your hand.

  1. Explore her whole body with your hands, touching her thighs, butt, belly and breasts. Unless you're pressed for time, draw it out, keep the excitement mounting.
  2. Use water-based or silicone lubricant. Even is she gets plenty wet herself, adding lube will make the experience extra slippery and delicious. Add the lube to your hand and warm it up a bit before you touch her.
  3. Spread her outer labia and take a good look around. Tell her how beautiful she looks.
  4. Stimulate her outer and inner labia, the perineum and the opening of her vagina before stimulating the clitoris.
  5. Pay attention to her responses. Everyone is different. Some women like direct stimulation on their clitoris, others prefer indirect pressure. Some women prefer one side touched more than the other. The key to a good hand job is to notice what she likes, either by her verbal or nonverbal response, and keep at it. Most women need sustained stimulation to reach orgasm.
  6. The more aroused she gets, the more direct stimulation her clitoris can take. As she becomes more and more aroused, stroke her faster and faster, being sure to pay attention to how her body responds.

  1. Many women enjoy vaginal or anal penetration in addition to clitoral stimulation. Ask her what she likes.
  2. Invite her to show you. Have her put your hand where she wants it and to show you how much stimulation and pressure to use.

  1. Ask her to show you how she does it. You can learn a lot by observing your partner masturbate. Notice where she rubs, how fast and how hard.
  2. Remember to NEVER insert your hand or any sex toy into her vagina if has had contact with her anus.
  3. Keep it safe. Follow these guidelines for safer lesbian sex.
  4. Add a vibrator. If she's having trouble reaching orgasm by your hand alone, the intense stimulation of a vibrator may be a good addition to stroking of your hand.
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