5 Stop-Snoring Mouthpieces That Work

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Mouthpieces are a common treatment method for those who suffer from even severe snoring at night. Generally, you will need to take a visit to your dentist to get the information that you will need on mouthpieces. Your doctor may also be able to help, but your dentist will probably be your primary defense against snoring. These are the top mouthpieces that you will find on the market today.
  1. The Brain Pad - This device has been used successfully by many Americans across the country. They are commonly used in sports as mouth guards, but have been reported to be a successful alternative. Once you have what you need from your dentist, you can use that to get your Brain Pad. This product fits comfortably into your mouth before you go to bed and supports your jaw so that your tongue and jaw stay in place during sleep. These products contain High Impact Gel that make the guard more comfortable and feel more natural. The tapered ends of the mouth guard remove the hassle of having to trim the back of it so that it will fit properly.
  2. Aveo Sleep - The AveoSTD is made from medical grade silicon and it works using the power of suction to hold the tongue forward. This will stop it falling backward during sleep and blocking the airways. The benefit of this device is that you do not require a trip to the dentist since it does not act as a mouthpiece does. The side effects of this method are often reported as drooling, dry mouth and minor mouth irritation, but these usually disappear over time. They claim a 92% efficiency rate. It is worth taking a look into.
  3. Aztec Orthodontics - This is a laboratory that specializes in mouth appliances. They have a device called the Clasp Retained Mandibular Positioner, which locks the jaw into the clasp and keeps it from falling backward.
  4. John's Dental Laboratories - This laboratory has created a device known as the Elastic Mandibular Advancement. The product provides a limited control over the lower jaw through the use of a mouthpiece and elastics. The elastics can be adjusted for the comfort of the individual patient. It will allow you to move your jaw in all directions except the backward direction that causes snoring. This particular device is FDA and ADA approved and has been in use successfully since 1995. A reputation like that deserves a hard look.
  5. Full Breath Solution - This is a device that also prevents the backward movement of the jaw. It is an internal mouthpiece that provides support. They claim an ability to stop even the most severe of snorers. In 2006, the Academy of Sleep Medication awarded them as the number one treatment method for mild to moderate snorers. Not a designation to be taken lightly. They are warranted an honest appraisal.

If you are looking for mouthpieces to help stop you snoring, you will honestly find some of most sought after and successful appliances in this list. They are all worth checking into and asking your dentists about further information.
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