Sell "You" to Sell Your Product

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When you're starting a home based internet business you need to be clear on how to penetrate your market.
In order for people to notice you and pay attention to what you are selling or saying, you need to have a brand they know and recognize.
Now I'm not talking about the product brand here, but the company brand.
Your own personal brand, you! You are the company from which people buy from.
When you are selling on the internet, especially to people you have never met, you should be trying to sell yourself above all else.
People just won't buy from strangers! Maybe one or two will but that's never going to make you a good income.
People will buy from someone they know, someone they have an affinity with and trust.
The product you have to sell is a by-product of you and your brand and a lot of newbie's make this mistake of simply pushing their product over and over again and hoping someone might buy it.
This is a recipe for failure, I promise you.
To sell something you have to be selling it under a respected name people know about.
By building up your own name as a known brand you also build yourself up as an expert in your given field, which gets attention and people listening.
When you have a brand people like, people want to buy from you, whatever it might be.
If a personally endorsed item is being sold by you that comes with your recommendation you will have no trouble in selling to them.
Remember you are the brand and the product.
This is what you are selling! When you are sold well, people will listen to what you have to say and buy what you offer.
Let me use a quick example of how effective branding is in every day life.
Look at McDonalds.
A couple of time a year they brings out a new burger for a limited time only.
No one has ever tasted it before but every time they launch these new promotions people flood to them.
Sold under the McDonalds name, anything will sell, regardless of how good it may be.
People may only buy it once but still people will try it out because it comes from a brand they know and love.
Now if this same burger was sold by a local street vendor, how would his sales go? He may sell a few to a couple of hungry passers by but that's it.
It doesn't matter how good his burger is, he just doesn't have the branding or recognition to get this amazing new burger to a large market.
This is exactly the same way you have to think about your own business.
It doesn't matter what you are selling, you have to get a good name for yourself first if you want to get noticed and have people listen and buy from you.
You could have the best thing in the world to sell but without a good name to back it up, no one is going to listen to you.
When you realize it's not the single product you are selling to people but that you are the product being sold you are well on your way to becoming a successful marketer.
This is so important and many people fail to realize just how important it is.
Customers like to buy from and be associated with successful, professional people and a well branded name.
Achieve this and you will have a great deal more success than if you simply bombard people with you product pitch over and over again with nothing to back up your claims.
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