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  1. Asthma Treatments for Children

    Learn more from WebMD about asthma treatments for children, including nebulizers, inhalers, and more.
  2. Treating Asthma in Children

    WebMD provides an overview of asthma treatments for children.
  3. Asthma in Children: 12 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

    Your child’s doctor is a vital resource for all your questions about asthma in children. WebMD provides a list of key questions to ask at your next appointment.
  4. What Is Allergic Asthma?

    Learn more about allergic asthma, what causes it, the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.
  5. Treatment Options for Allergy-Triggered Asthma

    If you're one of the millions of Americans who have allergic asthma, treatments can help you live a full and active life.
  6. Exercising When You Have Allergic Asthma

    Exercise is good for you, and you can exercise safely, even with allergic asthma. A little planning is all it takes to help you breathe easier and stay in shape.
  7. Allergy Tests and Asthma

    Allergy tests can find the exact cause of your allergy and asthma symptoms. Learn more about allergy tests.
  8. Managing Your Child's Asthma at School

    If your child has asthma, it's important that his school knows how to recognize and treat symptoms. WebMD explains how to put together an asthma action plan to make sure your child is safe at school.
  9. Asthma and Sulfite Allergies

    WebMD explains the risks of sulfite allergies for people with asthma -- and some tips for preventing a life-threatening allergic reaction.
  10. Asthma Prevention When You Have Allergies

    Learn more from WebMD about avoiding some of the most common allergens to prevent asthma with allergies.

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