The Photo Wealth System - 10 Tips to Become a Successful Photographer

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Everywhere you look, the world is filled with digital pictures.
They are easy to send to family and friends via the internet or edit for your own home treasures...
it is certainly the wave of the future! The more you learn about photography, the more successful you will become! I have compiled a list of 10 tips to become a successful photographer: 1.
Start with the equipment you already have.
As you gain knowledge and experience in photography, you will then be ready to expand and upgrade your equipment 2.
Make Business Cards to hand out to potential business clients.
Create a Portfolio.
Include a variety and different types of images from portrait, nature and objects.
Be sure to follow the general photography rules/copyright laws.
For instance, public property is pretty much free game for photographs...
private property is, of course, off limits.
Be sure to back up all your photos, etc.
and store them in a safe place.
You may want to store these items in a couple different places to be safe! Nothing would be worse than to have all your hard work disappear in the blink of an eye! 6.
Keep organized.
Keep your photos, releases, client contact information and other important information organized so you can refer back at any time.
This saves the frustration of trying to find something when you needed it yesterday! 7.
Experiment with different lighting & exposures to get 'different' and 'priceless' shots.
Also, be sure to document when and where you took the shot and the camera settings.
Research your specific area for accepting places who are willing to buy your photographs.
The internet is certainly the largest option for you, but, as you gain experience, look in your own community for opportunity.
For example, sporting and community events.
If you feel you could hone your skill set, take a photography course.
It certainly wouldn't hurt to have more training under your belt.
If a job looks and feels too big for your comfort and expertise, don't be afraid to refuse it.
There are many more opportunities out there for you!
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