Pure Water

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Clean water is becoming a scarce commodity in today's world.
With all the clearing and cutting of the forest there is less pure water to drink in the world today.
This trend is only going to continue unless we all start to realize how scares a resource pure water is.
We still have many sources of water available; unfortunately most of these sources of water are salt water or lakes and streams that are laden in heavy metals.
Metals like mercury or lead as well as other types of metal that can accumulate in our bodies and kill or disable us.
Pure water is the essential component of life and it is the one thing people are not paying much attention to.
People are more worried about other things like economics or global warming, but all the while our pure water supplies are dwindling away each year.
With out public awareness the whole planet could be looking at a major catastrophe, if measures are not taken to protect future pure water resources and also to assure and develop new resources.
Already in many parts of the world there are pure water shortages.
In some countries people are drinking water that is contaminated with bacteria and parasites that cause death and sickness.
Even in the highly developed parts of the world, many cities and towns use very powerful chemicals like chlorine to disinfect there water.
This is the same chemical they used to make the very poisonous mustard gas to kill thousands in the world war.
Now we consume it in our water in order not to get sick from the biological contaminants.
In our endeavors to clean up our water so we can drink it without getting sick.
We end up creating a greater problem by adding very poisonous chemicals to our water, chemicals that are likely the cause of rising cases of cancer and other conditions.
The only good water is pure water, this is water without any impurities added or it basic nature changed or altered in any way.
So we need to take a closer look at our water, and were we get our water.
In other words even by buying water we may still be buying water that is contaminated in one way or another, for instance buying our water in plastic bottles may not be a wise choice.
Were the PH levels of the water are known to be altered by the plastic of the bottles.
As well it has been seen in studies that water stored in plastic bottles release carcinogenic chemicals when exposed to strong sunlight.
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