Dr. Benny Morris Are Your Beliefs Holding You Back?

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The dust is yet to settle on a recent seminar organized by the man popularly known as "Dr.
" The man behind the name, Dr.
Benny Morris is a celebrated name in public speaking and business training.
He's been training and teaching people success principles for over 20 years.
His online training and coaching sessions are among the most popular in the internet community.
It is no wonder that when news filtered in that he was organizing a seminar at Tampa, Florida, quite a number of business owners re-arranged their schedules to be there in person.
Employing stories, analogies, and objective lessons, Dr.
Morris helped his audience to break many of the barriers that have been holding them back from reaching their full potentials.
He harped on the need to stay focused and to watch your set of beliefs.
Personally, I can't agree more with Dr.
Morris on nearly all of the lessons he taught the audience.
Talking about beliefs, the thing about them is that most times, we do not consciously decide what we believe-"I'm just not cut out to be a high achiever," "I don't have what it takes," "this is as far as I can go" "I will never understand this" "I just can't change who I am.
" Who told you that? Another thing about beliefs is that once adopted, we often forget their real interpretation.
And that often leads to wrong application of these handed-down beliefs.
Unfortunately, unless there's a sound basis for the set of beliefs you cling to, they may well be sabotaging your efforts much more than you realize.
In other words, you may well be operating your life or your business with a manual designed for someone else.
What it all means, as Dr.
Morris pointed out, is that we should occasionally challenge some of the beliefs we hold.
That way we'll be able to break through our self-limiting beliefs.
The inability to stay focused is another frequent cause of business failures.
A lot of people, especially new entrepreneurs are so easily distracted by the promise of another "great opportunity," or they easily get discouraged when initial expectations are taking too long to materialize.
Either case, they stop implementing their business plans and start looking for another easier opportunity.
Unfortunately there's none out there.
The next opportunity, like the present one, will still require you to stay focused and work your plan.
Of course many people complain that they were not born or blessed with the ability to focus.
I find it hard to understand what that means.
What I know is that everyone is born with an emotion called fear.
In itself, fear is not bad-at least it protects us from dangers or unnecessary risks.
But given free reign, fear can also prevent a person from taking the actions that are necessary for success.
And when people easily give up give on opportunities, unknown to them, they are driven by the fear of failure: they fear that if they continue on that line, they'll fail.
Ironically, it is the inability to stay focused that ultimately results is failure! Dr.
Morris drove home the point that if anyone wants to be successful, the person must get focused and take the actions needed to achieve success.
Quoting Tony Robbins, Dr.
Morris said "if you can't, you must.
" Enough said, Doctor! I can only suggest that if Dr.
Morris happens to organize another seminar near your area, you'll be doing yourself a lot of good if you attend.
Lots of life and business lessons await you.
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