Refrigerator repair and common problems

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The refrigerator is a vital part of the home. If the refrigerator is not functioning properly, it could very well disrupt the functioning of the household. Besides, a malfunctioning refrigerator could also raise utility bills. While some problems are very simple, others are quite complicated. Therefore, refrigerator repair could range from simple repairs like water leaks, breakdown of ice-maker to more complicated problems like the refrigerator not working at all or cooling problems.

Some of the most commonly occurring problems that call for refrigerator repair are given below:

The refrigerator is not working at all: The first thing that must be ascertained in this case is the power supply. If there is no problem with the power supply, then, the problem lies squarely within the refrigerating unit. Typically, the repair person will check the compressor, thermostats and wiring to reach the root of the problem.

The refrigerator is not cooling properly: The owner must perform a preliminary check to see whether the thermostat has been set properly and whether the door is being closed properly. One may also check and see whether the compressor is running properly.

Cooling problems within the refrigerator could be due to several reasons. The compressor may not work efficiently. This could be due to reasons like relay overload. A faulty compressor may be repaired or replaced. Typically, replacing the compressor is expensive and must be the last resort. However, if the compressor is making a steady humming noise, it may be assumed that the device is functioning properly. In this case, the fault could be with the mechanical defrost timer or other devices within the unit. An experienced refrigerator repair person must be called in to assess the problem and carry out the required repairs.

The compressor is running continuously: Observant users may notice that the compressor does not switch itself off. This is a source of worry because the compressor must run only until the temperature inside the unit is higher than the setting inside the thermostat. Before calling the repairman, it is necessary to ascertain that the refrigerator has sufficient clearance from all sides and that the refrigerator light within is getting switched off when the door is closed. If the compressor is not switching itself off, it could be due to thermostat problems or low levels of refrigerant, among other issues. A qualified and experienced refrigerator repair person is the best person to make the right assessment and carry out the necessary repairs.

In addition to the above, other commonly occurring problems with refrigerators include:
  • Strange sounds and noises
  • Water leakage
  • Problems with ice-dispenser

Refrigerator problems generally hit the user like a bolt from the blue. Therefore, it is necessary to have the contact number of a reliable and reputed refrigerator repair service in the area.
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