Picking Out the Best Planter Box

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A potting bench is a great way to add an attractive piece of furniture to your patio while preventing you from being on your knees and in the dirt.
These benches make an excellent workstation for your garden.
However, before you go out and start shopping for one of these fantastic pieces of furniture, it is essential to make sure you know what you want.
  Some questions that might cross you mind are; For what style should I look? Of what material should it be made? And of course, don't forget to purchase a potting bench that meshes well with the rest of your patio furniture.
There is a plethora of different potting bench choices from which you can select.
The vast diversity of options can be very overwhelming, and might cause you to purchase a bench that isn't quite right for you, which will almost certainly lead to disappointment with your product.
Before you go shopping and end up buying the wrong potting bench, it is important to inform yourself on the different kinds of potting benches.
By becoming a more knowledgeable customer, you ensure that you will buy a potting bench that you can enjoy for many years to come.
Begin to find your perfect bench by learning about the different styles of potting benches.
According to Joseph Kortez, the three most common types of potting benches are classic, American, and rustic benches.
  The classic potting bench is the least complex of all the bench styles.
This style is plain and simple, and just includes the workspace and storage that you require with no unnecessary extras.
These benches are constructed from hard wood, plastic, or even metal, depending on your artistic preference and your gardening needs.
The American style bench is usually crafted from a hard wood.
It tends to coordinate better with newer, contemporary furniture.
If you have a more modern patio, American benches will be a great choice for you.
Finally, rustic planter benches have a classic, weather-beaten look and tend to add a picturesque appeal to your patio.
This style is the ideal match for untreated pieces of patio furniture or older furnishings.
Once you have decided on your type of potting bench, the next step is to choose what garnishes, if any, you would like your bench to feature.
A popular feature available is a planter bench stool, which will allow you to continue gardening for hours upon hours without needing to stand the whole time.
A stool will allow you to comfortably work, while also adding another piece of furniture to your patio.
  Another addition for your bench is a soil box.
Soil boxes can be attached to the front of your bench, or underneath your bench.
Boxes placed in front will provide you with quick access to the soil, while underside boxes will catch loose soil.
  A potting bench is a great piece of furniture for even the most casual of gardeners.
It provides a workstation for you to do your gardening, keeps your back safe, and adds a gorgeous and unique piece of furniture to your patio or backyard.
However, it is important that you know what you are looking for in a potting bench before you go out shopping, so that you end up selecting the right bench for you.
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