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The first step in your journey to making it big in Hollywood would be an audition. You will have to put in a lot of work all the while keeping in mind that an audition is not a guarantee. You could walk out of there hired or scouting for the next audition. This provides you with the stepping stones on making it big while in the Hollywood scene.

1. Never appear nervous at an audition. You need to show confidence. The only way to do this is practice your lines repeatedly. You should know them by heart. Reading from a script will hurt your chances at an audition because it does not give you enough room to make eye contact and have the appropriate gestures. Looking down at the script also covers your face so the casting directors cannot see your facial expressions while reading your lines. When you have your lines memorized, you get to practice your performance. This will make for a more impactful performance and allows the judges to see you completely.

2. You should never be late for your audition. Not only does it make you look unprofessional, but you also do not get a chance to wind down and get into character. Open casting calls may not give you a particular call time, but you should be there early, especially since open cast calls have a lot of other aspiring actors trying out. If you are late, you may wait in line for hours on end. This may still not guarantee that you will get a chance to audition because sometimes the casting crew does not get to see everyone. You want to make sure that you arrive early enough, and never late.

3. Do not dress for comfort. Showing up in tattered jeans and hoodie will not impress the casting directors. You do not have to wear a cocktail dress either. You should think of it as an interview which means nice clothes without over doing it. You need to strike a balance between looking smart and looking casual. You need to try your best to impress the casting crew. This can be done with the right attire.

4. When it is your turn, take a deep breath and do your best. If you slip up during your audition, do not worry. Don't stop either, just keep going like nothing happened. Even accomplished actors still slip up once in a while. Ask politely if you could start over and deliver a better performance if they stop you when you slip up. This can be something that might not have been able to be avoided. There is always room for improvement.

Going to an audition does not mean you will get the part, but it means you have a chance. If you are not chosen for the part then keep going to auditions to get a part. There are always some out there, and your big break might be coming. Feel confident and collected and keep trying without losing hope.
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