When Dangerous Animals Attack

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Every year, around 200 deaths are documented in the United States because of animal-related accidents most of these are from animal attacks. It must be told that no matter how domesticated some animals may be, their instincts would normally take over which leads to animal attacks. And so, the best way for one to stay safe is to get to know these animals more and avoid too much contact with them. Here is a list of the animals that you should be careful with.

Alligators and crocodiles
It would never ever be safe enough to be with animals such as crocodiles and alligator. According to studies, this animal has caused nine deaths. This is the reason why one should take great care of them and avoid getting too close with these animals as the slightest provocation can lead to an attack. For this reason, the management of zoos tries to put up safety cages to prevent these reptiles from attacking zoo goers. Also, people who have alligators and crocodiles are expected to put in place precautionary measures to prevent attacks that can injure or kill victims.

Marine Animals
According to the International Shark Attack File, around 8 people died from 2000 to 2007 because of shark attacks. Other animals in the waters including sharks though have caused 10 deaths so far. These predators attack anything that they think they can eat. That is why it would be best to stay away from these dangerous creatures in the waters. This is the reason why the management of some resorts put up warning signs for swimmers to help prevent the attack of these deadly marine animals.

Snakes and Lizards
Snakes and Lizards, especially the venomous kinds have caused 59 deaths. These animals are mostly conspicuous though, making it hard for people to avoid them. There are some individuals who own certain breeds of snakes and lizards that might be dangerous so people. And so it is important that these pet owners take measures to prevent their pets from attacking others.

Insects and Spiders
These cause 85 and 70 deaths respectively. These insects may suddenly attack anybody near its habitat. Moreover, some irresponsible pet owners of these insects may end up failing to properly keep them, leaving unsuspecting victims bitten by these venomous insects and arthropods.

While dog bites have €only€ caused 250 deaths annually, there are around 885,000 people yearly that require medical attention because of dog attacks. Though dogs are called man's best friend and are highly domesticated, these animals still have this tendency to attack people even with the slightest of provocation. That is why leash laws were implemented by the city to make it easy for the pet owners to take care of their dogs and keep others from getting hurt because of dog attacks

Cats, Horses and other Hoofed Animals
Cats may seem gentle and horses don't just randomly bite people hard. However, all that these animals have a great chance of attacking people. That is why one has to be careful around these rather gentle and tamed animals as a simple provocation can lead to a deadly or injury-inducing attack.
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