How to Jump Higher - Build Calves and Live High Above the Rim

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Looking to learn how to jump higher, then build calves.
That is where your jumping ends.
That is the last thing to leave the ground.
When you jump think about the motion.
You notice that your calf muscles are the last thing to push you off the ground.
So getting the calf muscle explosiveness is key.
In this article, I am going to show you what you need to do to get more explosive.
Calf Raises- every battle player knows that calf raises can increase your vertical leap.
Stand at the edge of a staircase, on a box, or on a book.
Perform one leg calf raises.
Do them until they burn, rest for about a minute, then do some more.
This will give you the muscle that you need in your jump.
Keep in mind though that this will not make you more explosive.
Quick Jumps- here is how you get them explosive.
Stand in one spot.
Then just use your calves to jump off the ground without bending your knees much.
As soon as you hit the ground, quickly jump up again.
This should be a rapid jumping motion.
This will get your legs more explosive.
Sprints- this can help you to become more explosive as well.
This will give you better jumping power and helping to run faster.
It will also give you better endurance.
All pluses in the game of basketball.
Want to learn how to jump higher, building your calves is the key.
There is more to it than that, but this is a crucial part.
Make them stronger and more explosive and you will dominate the game.
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