Natural Remedy For Hair Loss - Fighting the Follicular Good Fight

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Are you one of the nearly 80 million people suffering from hair loss in the United States today? Have you already started shopping for wigs or toupees, just knowing that one of them is your future? Are you starting your savings account for hair replacement surgery? If you have, you may want to hold off on picking out your hair piece or booking that surgical suite until after you have read up on a natural remedy for hair loss or two.
The truth is, there are proven ways of stopping hair loss and even re-growing hair.
The earlier you start fighting the loss of your hair, the more success you will experience in winning the battle.
In most cases, loss of hair is caused by the hormone testosterone being converted into another hormone, known as DHT.
DHT attacks the hair follicles, weakening them until they are ether incapable of producing and maintaining a strand of hair or they die altogether.
Each hair follicle is responsible for growing a single strand of hair, that will grow at about 1/2 inch per month for 2 to 6 years, then the follicle rests and the hair falls out.
This process repeats, over and over for a lifetime.
For hair follicles weakened by DHT, there is no new hair.
There are ways to fight hair loss and even more than one natural remedy for hair loss.
Certain vitamins are important in combating hair loss.
Sometimes when people lose hair it can be linked back to a deficiency in vitamin b6, folic acid niacin.
Making sure that these are present in your diet in appropriate quantities is one good way to help stave off baldness.
There are also some minerals that can help keep hair growing properly.
These include zinc and magnesium.
The herb, saw palmetto has also been found to be effective in helping slow and even reverse the loss of hair you in some cases.
It works by preventing the testosterone from converting into DHT, which in turn protects your precious hair follicles.
This natural remedy for hair loss has already begun to gain greater acceptance.
Nobody wants to lose their hair.
For the many people who are suffering, they want to avoid having to deal with it as long as possible.
The key to truly combating loss of hair though is to fight it early.
If you are showing early signs of thinning, then a natural remedy for hair loss may be just the thing for you.
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