Heavy Backpacks Can Hurt Your Backs

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Many reforms have been made by governments all over the world to introduce a locker system in their schools to avoid students from having to carry heavy backpacks at a very young age.
These many international health back precautions have been adopted after the WHO (World Health Organization) undertook a study on musculoskeletal problems where it assessed back pain problems in different countries.
In its report the WTO noted that musculoskeletal problems associated with lower back pain will leave a negative impact on society because it will eventually lead to sickness, disability and chronic back pain.
Moreover, awareness is being made towards daily lifting activities and the carrying of backpacks by mothers and workers alike.
A backpack allows an individual to carry more things than it is possible to carry when a person uses the arms alone.
However, it is not the backpack in itself that can hurt the back but rather the weight the back has to carry.
Recent studies have also pointed the finger at mothers who regularly carry heavy backpacks while carrying their child at the same time.
The same applies for those people who carry backpacks for daily activities be it on their way to work, school or other related activities.
This article is not written by or checked for accuracy by a medical doctor.
Please consult with your physician for treatment options.
Where excessive pressure due to external weight derived from heavy backpacks is imposed on the whole of the back, this will lead to neck stiffness, shoulder problems and other symptoms.
Moreover, carrying a heavy backpack makes individuals lose their balance and thus it is easier to fall.
Additionally, it will influence posture by visible rounding of the shoulders and it will cause muscles strain as heavy backpacks make the body work against the natural structure of the back.
A heavy backpack carried on one shoulder instead of both will also lead to similar back conditions such as imbalance and pain in a very short period time.
Thus one should address the issue immediately to prevent long term back pain.
While some authors do not agree that there is a direct correlation between carrying a heavy backpack and back pains, the symptoms outlines above prove that heavy backpacks exert undue pressure on the body that can hurt your backs.
Some authors suggest limiting the weight carried through a backpack to around 10 % of the body weight of the child would not harm the child's back.
Similarly, adults are to carry proportionate weight on their backs.
This article is not written by or checked for accuracy by a medical doctor.
Please consult with your physician for treatment options.
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