Review of the Amazon Kindle DX ebook reader.

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Most people didn't even know what the Kindle was when it first came out. The Kindle release was pretty low key in comparison to other technologies such as the iPhone.

For those who enjoy reading, this is very interesting! This heightened interest exploded into widespread use with the launch of the fine-tuned Kindle 2. Amazon makes the most popular and most advanced reader available to date, the Kindle DX.

{Is there a solid reason for the popularity of this item, or is it merely interest in a technological novelty?|Yet, is this widespread interest warranted, or is it merely the buzz that accompanies the latest new technology?|You have to be a little wary of the hype that surrounds new technology.|it's all due to the popularity along with the hype created by new technology.

|But is this popularity attained properly or is it only hype created by a new technology?} {To be completely honest, it is actually a little of each.|In fact, both apply to some extent.|To be reasonable, it has a blend of both.

|In all fairness there is a part from each.} Although the Kindle is has not been perfected, this is an easy, light and fast way to carry lots of your favorite books wherever you want them to go! This ease of trasport is almost unique to this book. {And all though the Kindle DX is big, approximately the size of a sheet of paper but comparitively thicker, it could get more than 3,000 books with it.

|The Kindle DX is fairly large, about the size of a regular sheet of paper but much thicker; it can hold more than 3000 books' worth of data.|The Kindle DX can hold over 3,000 books but it is fairly big.|The Kindle DX ebook reader has the capacity to handle more than 3,000 books, this from a large unit that is approximately the size of a standard sheet of paper.|The Kindle DX is the size of a piece of paper, although thicker, and can store more than 3,000 books.} It would take a pretty sizable backpack to lug that many volumes along.

While other e-book readers now match the Kindle 2, no one compares with the Kindle DX. Amazon has made a reader which is an enhancement over the competition in each and every method. {The Kindle DX offers features such as more storage, better viewing quality and even a rotating screen.|The Kindle DX has some great features, such as the rotating views a la the iPhone, increased storage and a much easier to read screen. |The Kindle DX has greatly improved storage capacity, rotating views as seen in the iPhone, and the screen is easier to read, all of which make it unequaled in terms of its features. |The Kindle DX, with its greater storage, easy-to-read screen and rotating views, has an incomparable array of features.|Whether it is greater memory capacity, a more readable screen or the whirling views ala the iPhone, the Kindle DX is unequalled in its features.

} The costfor this item continues to be inequaled.

The high price is what is mainly keeping people from owning a DX and probably why several never will own one. With a pricetag of $500, you would think that the reader would come with a lot more options. Ebooks have some limitations and lack part of what makes traditional book so special, like the smell of the paper, the cover art, and the tactile pleasure of turning the pages. For the amount of money you're spending, why can't you get more for your money?

Although our personal favorite is the Bebook reader, Kindle is poised to be the ebook reader of choice for many people. Also make sure you check out the Borders ebook reader.

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