"Curse of Briar Rose" Cheats

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    Graveyard -- Bell Tower Key

    • To solve the puzzle you get the first time you enter the graveyard, click on the second to last door on the right to open it and pick up the key. Use it on the keyhole in the top left corner to make all of the sketches visible. Move the cheese sketch next to the mouse statue. Then place the carrot picture next to the rabbit statue and then banana picture next to the monkey. The bells located underneath the puzzle can now be used. Click on the third bell, then the second and finally the third; the bells are numbered from one to five. Grab the key for the Bell Tower that appeared at the base of the king and queen statues.

    Throne Room -- Shield

    • Once you have acquired the sorcery book on immortality in the dining room, head for the throne room. Select the books on the left of the screen to zoom in and you will notice two empty slots where books should be. Fill the gaps with the sorcery book on teleportation and sorcery book on immortality. A secret passageway will open; pass through it. Cut the vines with the small knife to reveal the shield hanging on the wall. Pick it up and leave the room.

    Courtyard -- Owl Coin

    • Once you have acquired the pickaxe from the main gate, go to the courtyard. Click on the hole in the tree trunk to zoom in. Position the owl body from your inventory onto the base and attach the owl head to the body. Now use the owl brass key on the completed owl and an owl coin will pop out of its beak. Pick this up to acquire it.

    Chapel Entrance -- White Rose

    • Go to the chapel entrance once you have the rose star disk. Click on the altar to start a puzzle. There are nine circles that you need to use the disks from your inventory on. To solve the puzzle, add them in this order: crown disk, parasol rose disk, shield rose disk, mirror rose disk, boot rose disk, glass slipper rose disk, heart rose disk, star rose disk and white rose disk. Pick up the white roses that appears upon completion.

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