How to Play Craps Poker

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    • 1). Find a group of friends to enjoy a home poker night with. The game of Craps Poker requires a minimum of four players and a maximum of six players. The ideal number of players is four or give players for the game of Craps Poker.

    • 2). Direct each player to ante an equal amount into the pot, and deal seven cards face down to each player. After each player has received his or her cards, he or she may look at them.

    • 3). Choose a player to go first. This player may choose to bet or to check. If the player chooses to check, nobody else at the table has an option to bet. If the player chooses to bet, each player at the table must call the bet or fold. There is no raising of the bet in the game of Craps Poker.

    • 4). Direct the player that checked or made the original bet to roll a single die at the table. The number on the die indicates the number of cards that player must pass to his or her opponent sitting to his or her left.

    • 5). Continue taking turns around the table with each player getting one chance to start the wagering round by checking or betting. If a player has folded, his or her turn is skipped. After the round of wagering is completed, the player that started the round must roll the die (even if he or she checked) and pass that number of cards to his or her opponent sitting to his or her left.

    • 6). Deal additional cards to each player that has not folded if he or she has less than five cards after every player has had the opportunity to start the wagering round once. Cards are only dealt to any players holding less than five cards at this point, and those players only receive enough cards to bring their own holding to five cards.

    • 7). Determine the winner of the hand. Direct each player that has not folded to reveal his or her hand and declare his or her best five card poker hand. The player with the best poker hand wins the entire pot.

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