DXInOne - Issue #9:After Getting Back on Track - What About Getting Ahead?

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Getting Ahead This is where the fun stuff finally hits! We get to talk about why our job is important to the DXSystem, and how that actually benefits us in terms of profits.
Where we stand at present a) Only those who are adding funds via IB each month, one way or another, are able to keep earning money that they can list for OutXchanges.
b) If some DXUsers fail to make any particular payment from IB, they will have to pay via standard OA.
This means no allowance to just 'sit passively, doing nothing.
' You are either earning DXG or you are losing what you DID earn back in the form of standard OA fees being taken from your RB/AB each month, until you get back on track (pay from IB).
That means that good DXPortfolio management is a sheer necessity.
You want to ALWAYS have enough in your IB for upcoming fees for even up to a full year in advance (buffering to make sure your 'bill is paid' at all costs, as you would do with any other bills for your household, or life insurance, etc).
You want to only hold DXPortfolios that you can cover out-of-pocket fees for each month, one way or another, over the course of time.
c) We know that the massive 'backlog' of DXG that WAS in circulation with little current hope of being exchanged has been corrected for, meaning that right now there is a minimum backlog - one that is VERY EASY to process through and see direct results! That is to say, creating fluidity at this time could not be easier.
Just getting the ball into play, which will take perhaps 45 days to see the full effects kick in (so that all the DXUsers who desire to be 'active' start paying fees from IB for the DXPortfolios they want to keep earning from).
Again, with the model that we were using earlier, we could assume that it would take 3-4 months to process through the current backlog, and it will probably take MUCH less time on the whole! Different DXUsers pay their OA/DXD fees on different days, so we would have to wait at least a full month to see just how many 'activate' themselves, and feel the effects from that months' worth of payments.
d) You can only purchase more Digots by going the full system loop or adding fresh funds, meaning that in order to be allowed to earn more DXG at all, you have to first attend to the job of ensuring continued fluidity for the DXG already in existence.
What this does is eliminate the issue of 'hyper-inflation of DXG harder/faster than funds to control that DXG growth.
' In essence, this means a 'return to the powerful 2004 system standards' - where the only other variable is the issue of DXConsoles being more generally available.
We know that we need enough DXConsoles to keep things moving quickly, owing to the number of individual exchange facilitation points that can be operated at the same time, to make exchanges rapid for the entire DXUser base demands, ALL the time.
At the same time.
Getting ahead To define 'getting ahead', we mean something functional: providing more total reserves to the system in circulation than DXG in circulation.
That is, when there is an 'exact balance' of reserves to DXG, then the system can be called 'saturated.
' By that we mean that every DXG is convertible within a short period of time.
How short that period is ultimately gets back to the DXMerchant-to-DXUser ratio.
If there is only 1 DXM for every 50 DXUsers (those who are not DXMerchants), then those 50 are basically 'waiting in line.
' If the ratio of DXM's to DXUsers improves, then there are fewer individuals waiting in line per DXM.
That means that total Xchange speed improves.
If there is MORE reserves than DXG in circulation, we call those periods 'payday!' That means that money can generally be withdrawn to a higher proportion than normal (here is when we actually take income that we have been accruing in the meantime to keep the system fluid enough for marketing to draw more total reserves into the system than DXG currently in circulation).
More money can be withdrawn without slowing OutX speeds or size, generally.
here is your other choice when it comes to 'hyper-saturation' (more total reserves than DXG in circulation): you can move your money back around to the IB more easily, so you might take that opportunity to purchase more Digots to increase your TDV, and thus your monthly accruing gains! Word of Caution If you are going to take the opportunity to improve your TDV with fresh funds injections during 'quick' system times, BE MINDFUL of just how hard your drive your DXPortfolio forward! You do NOT want to put yourself into a position where the system could slow back down for some months, and you cannot keep up with the IB fees.
All of this gets back to good DXPortfolio management, which again, we train extensively over in our EBooks.
Now that we have defined 'getting ahead' according to a comparison of [available system reserves and DXG in circulation], let's speak of one of the very next things that DXInOne has on the agenda: DXMerchant Console Releases There will be a mass-release of DXConsoles soon, as part of the DXGlobal Business package.
There will be a $950 annual fee to maintain this Vanuatu-based company structure, and with that, continued annual access to a DXConsole.
Those who wish to get a DXMerchant Console will have to fund it with a minimum amount, and maintain that minimum over time.
The minimum amount is expected to be $2000, if not $5000, of any combination of e-currencies/hard currencies available.
At any rate, each person who gets a DXConsole will need to fund it with at least $2000 to get it into operation.
If they fall below that minimum, then their DXConsole will not operate.
Basic Rules You have to have a minimum $5000 TDV in one DXPortfolio.
This means budgeting for about $150 or so montly as fees from IB, or preparing your IB balance well in advance to handle fees when due, forward into the future.
You have to be in the system at least 90 days to get a DXConsole (at this time).
The purpose of the DXConsole release is to get back to a useful ratio of DXM's to DXUsers...
again, assuming the numbers we have been working with: if there are about 50,000 DXUsers currently, and about 1000 DXMerchants currently, then we are seeing a ratio of about 1 to 50.
We would like to get that ratio down to a more useful number, so let us assume that DXInOne will at least double the ratio, meaning that they could well release 1000 new DXConsoles or more to start.
now for the vital question: how does one get $2000 onto their DXConsole in the first place? That is, to get started, what does one have to do to get their 'Available Float Balance' up to a minimum of [$2000]? Answer: starting from a $0.
00 balance on a fresh DXConsole that has no ClaimXchanges backlogged to process, there is ONLY ONE WAY to raise one's DXConsole float up to $2000.
That is to process OutXchanges.
About $2000 worth of OutXchanges, minimum!
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