Self Esteem Exercises: Boost Your Self Esteem With Simple Tips

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A study showed that women think negative thoughts about their bodies and themselves at least once a day.
Just imagine, that is at least 364 different bad thoughts about your body and yourself.
It is no big wonder then why some women suffer from low self-esteem and low confidence.
Society sets a very high standard on women.
Women should look a particular way to be considered beautiful.
Women should achieve a certain standard of success to be considered successful.
Women should be able to handle family and career - at the same time.
With too many expectations and such high standards, it is no wonder how some women feel so bad when one of these standards is not met.
If you want to stop your confidence from going down the drain, practice some self-esteem exercises.
Here are some self-esteem exercises that you can start with.
Positive Thoughts First! - Have you experienced waking up and getting a barrage of worries and doubts? These negative thoughts affect the way you think for the day and the way you will feel.
The best thing to do is to try to think of something positive first thing when you wake up.
If you can't do this, try keeping your mind quiet at least.
Focus on a blank wall or a window and try to not think of anything for a couple of seconds.
Then when you've done that and completely blocked out all negative thoughts, say something positive about yourself, or your day or anything.
Pep Talk in the Bathroom Mirror - You can't expect other people to appreciate you and say the great things about you all the time.
This is your job.
You are your own cheerleader and if you want to start your day brimming with confidence, there's nothing like a good pep talk in front of the bathroom mirror.
Tell yourself the things that you want and need to hear.
Encourage yourself and tell yourself that whatever it is, you can do it.
Look at yourself and don't focus on the "ugly" things that you see but rather, focus on what's good.
You have beautiful eyes.
You have nice teeth.
You have a beautiful smile.
Focus on the good and not on what you think are bad.
Stay away from your "frenemy" - This might be difficult since you consider her to be your friend.
However, you have to realize that if you want to save your self-esteem, you have to make sure that you are not surrounded by people who put you down just so they can feel good about themselves.
A frenemy is not necessarily someone who puts you down or criticizes you.
You have to realize that you also have true friends who are there for you and would tell you the truth, no matter what.
These are friends that you should value but stay away from people who put you down and make you feel bad about yourself, even about little things.
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