How To Leverage Ebay Sales Into Higher Off Ebay Sales

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Thousands of ebooks are sold every day on eBay.
It may be the largest eBay selling location on the internet.
With that much competition it is hard to get a price for your ebooks that will sustain your business.
Here is one way to leverage your eBay sales into higher profit of eBay sales.
A lot of ebooks are sold on eBay for very low prices.
Many for $1.
99, many for 99 cents and some even for a penny.
It would be very hard to make a good income selling books at that price level.
If you could use that as a loss leader to lead your buyer into another purchase that would increase the total spent, then it could turn into a very profitable enterprise.
The loss leader concept is what this strategy is based on.
A loss leader has been used by grocery stores for a very long time.
It consists of offering a very cheap price on an item that has a good demand.
Shoppers see the low price advertised and run to the store to take advantage of it.
What the buyer doesn't realize is, he is doing exactly what the loss leader was designed to do, bring him into the store.
Once in the store, the merchant is confident that the shopper will buy enough other items to more than make up for whatever money he may have lost on the loss leader item.
The loss leader concept is exactly what you want to do with your shopper.
You offer a very low price on your ebook.
It might even be as low as a penny.
When the transaction is completed you direct your buyer to a download page where he will download the book he purchased.
Before you have the buyer download his ebook, you first suggest he look at this one time only, never to be seen again, offer.
You create a super bundle of related books and offer a great value for a very low price.
7 dollars, 17 dollars even 27 dollars might be a good price point depending on the bundle.
If you have a good offer, and presented it properly you will get a percentage of your buyers take advantage of that one time offer.
Once that happens, you have turned your penny customer into a 27 dollar customer.
Everyone will not buy the offer but enough should so that you can make a reasonable profit even though your initial sale was only a penny.
Selling ebooks on eBay can sometimes be hard to produce a profit margin that you can live on.
By utilizing the off eBay strategy you can take your average saleup significantly.
You could certainly turn that strategy into a full time living.
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