Introduction and Materials

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Introduction and Materials

You have probably heard of mothers' rings and mothers' bracelets; now here is a bracelet design based on that same concept that you give to mom or even your grandmother. While many mother's bracelets often have beads with the children's names or initials on them, this bracelet includes five birthstone-colored crystal beads for each grandchild. You can adjust the color and number of beads according to the number of children represented in the bracelet.

Hematite works well as a neutral colored gemstone. Thus you can mix and match up any variety of colored crystals to represent all the various children and not have to worry about matching up with the hematite beads used.

You will need the following tools and supplies:

16 - 4mm Hematite beads
5 Birthstone-colored crystal beads
6 Clear crystal square AB beads
22 Sterling daisy spacers
1 Sterling toggle clasp
2 Sterling crimp beads
About 10 inches of .014 or .015 beading wire
Crimping pliers
Round-nosed pliers
Wire cutters

Crimp Bead

1. Begin by sliding one crimp bead onto the beading wire.

Add Toggle Clasp

2. Slip one end of the toggle clasp onto the beading wire, and bring the end of the wire back down through the crimp bead.

3. Close the crimp bead.

Add Beads

4. Add three hematite beads to your beading wire and push them down to the end of your wire making sure the beads cover both the wire tail and the main beading wire.
5. Use wire cutters to trim off extra beading wire.

6. Now add beads in the following pattern: daisy spacer, square crystal, daisy spacer, hematite, daisy spacer, birthstone bead, daisy spacer, hematite bead.

7. Repeat this pattern until all but three hematite beads are added, and then finally, add on the three last hematite beads.

Add Toggle Clasp Again

8. Slip on another crimp bead and the other part of the toggle clasp.
9. Then bring the end of the wire back down through the crimp bead and the last three hematite beads.

10. At this point, some jewelry makers find closing the second crimp a little tricky because you want to get the beads up against the crimp bead, but you don't want to make it too tight. One trick I do is to put the end of my round-nosed pliers into the loop of the beading wire, and then I either use my fingers or my bent-nosed pliers to pull the tail of the beading wire. This will cause the beads to push up against the crimp bead.

11. Now use your crimping pliers to close the last crimp bead.

12. Trim off excess beading wire with your wire cutters.

This makes a gorgeous bracelet that will sparkle proudly on the wearer's wrist. I ended up making this for my mother and used the birthstone colors of her five grandchildren.

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