How Do I Replace a Gateway W340ui Motherboard?

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    Replacing the Motherboard

    • 1). Back up your system and important files and disconnect all external devices from the laptop. Shut off the laptop by clicking on the "Start Menu" and then select the "Shut Down" option. Fold down the screen and remove the battery from the laptop body.

    • 2). Flip the laptop upside-down and open the laptop case to gain access to the internal components by unscrewing any necessary screws. Remove and disconnect the devices connected to the motherboard. Make a note of everything that is removed so that it can be put back in. The heat sink, the processor from its socket and the memory modules from its bay are things to be removed from the motherboard.

    • 3). Disconnect the DC power-board cables, the USB/1394 ribbon and the speaker plugs. Unscrew the motherboard from the casing, lifting the casing from near the LAN port and sliding it toward the rear to release all connections. Carefully remove the old motherboard from the casing.

    • 4). Insert the new motherboard into the casing and reconnect all removed devices. Some devices will already be replaced on the new motherboard. Place the processor back in its bay with the heat sink and also replace the memory modules. Replace the casing cover, reinsert the battery, and power on the laptop.

    • 5). Log in to the Windows system and verify the system specification by going to the system information in the Control Panel. If there are errors, power off the system and reopen the casing to verify everything was reconnected. Test all devices to verify the system is working correctly.

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