Should You Use The Strongest Drug Therapy to Treat and Cure Your Acne? The Ugly Truth Revealed

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Accutane or isotretinoin is the most potent and effective drug therapy ever known to mankind.
If you are considering using accutane to fight off and prevent acne, make sure you read this article now.
This article will teach you some of the facts, side effects and other information that you absolutely have to know.
The Risks of Accutane Acne Treatment If you are thinking of using Roaccutane to get rid of acne, there are certain things that you should consider with care before deciding whether or not you should proceed with the treatment.
The Side Effects of the Treatment If you are pregnant, or have the thought of becoming pregnant, stay away from accutane for it will cause severe birth defects.
Any woman of childbearing age will need to understand this well.
 The side effects to the fetus can include severe birth defects and mental retardation Other than that, side effects of accutane include conjuctivitis, nausea, vomitting, cracked lips, excessive and chronic dry skin, nose bleed, and joint pain.
It has also been reported that Accutane causes decreased eyesight during night.
Usually, accutane is prescribed by the doctor when all other treatments are not producing any significant result.
This means accutane is usually reserved for severe and stubborn acne.
This drug therapy is very effective because it simply reduce the amount of sebum produced by the skin so any infection can never take place under such environment.
According to study, 1 in 3 patients treated with accutane remained acne-free for years.
This means it can be an effective long term treatment.
This drug treatment can last up to four months and if acne occurs again, you will have to get back to the treatment.
So should you try using accutane to cure your acne? If your acne is mildly to moderately severe, you should not.
As mentioned previously, this drug should only be used when all others fail.
In my opinion, you should not try accutane.
It's expensive because you will have to see a doctor or dermatologist so that you can be prescribed for the drug.
Other than that, it has a long list of side effects.
I was once on this particular drug for about 2 months.
While it was highly effective at clearing up my skin at record speed, the costs of buying the medication and the doctor's consultation fees prohibited me from continuing the treatment.
It was before I knew anything about its side effects.
Let me assure you that there are plenty other natural treatments that can give you long term relief from acne so there's no need to take this drug.
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