Think You Know How to Stop a Panic Attack?

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Having a panic attack can be a very frightening and physically devastating experience.
When you are in the midst of one, it almost feels like you will never gain control and you it is very easy to lose sight of how to stop a panic attack once it begins.
It is possible to control an attack if you understand the symptoms and know in advance some of the steps you can take when you are in the process of losing control.
Here are some important tips on how to stop a panic attack before it begins and after it begins.
The Onset of an Attack Most people that suffer from these attacks will feel some of the warning symptoms before the attack actually occurs.
The symptoms include feelings of nervousness, tensing of the muscles, and shortness of breath.
If you can recognize the warning signs you can take steps to stop the attack dead in its tracks before it occurs.
When you feel the warning symptoms remove yourself from the situation that is making you anxious and then start taking deep breaths.
If you are aware of your thought processes, try to reverse them immediately to reflect positive thoughts that make you feel good and help to relax you.
Accept your feelings as real and acknowledge that they are causing you to be afraid.
This helps to minimize the feelings that are triggering your fears which are the cause of your attack.
Avoid Beating Yourself Up Another tip on how to stop panic attacks is to try and avoid beating yourself up because you cannot control your bodily reactions.
If you beat yourself up while you are having the attack this will cause you to tense up further and make the attack worse.
Remember that panic attacks are manifested by fear and tense feelings so go easy on yourself when you experience an episode.
Panic Attacks After They Start If a panic attack happens to occur out of the blue and it has already escalated to shortness of breath and some of the other accompanying symptoms, try to get out of the situation as quickly as possible and go to a quiet location where you can do some deep breathing exercises and calm down.
If you can, find a place where you can take a short nice walk and clear your mind of the negative thoughts that caused the attack.
When you are ready, try to return to the situation that made you anxious or return to it at a later date.
Drink Cold Water Another effective strategy on how to stop an attack is to drink water.
Once you get a handle on the situation drink a glass or two of ice cold water.
The cold temperature creates a soothing effect on your muscles and the rest of your body.
Apply a cold compress on the back of your neck if you have one readily available and breathe in as you begin to feel your body relax.
Practice Positive Thinking When you are looking for advice on how to stop a panic attack it may seem silly to hear "practice positive thinking.
" You are probably thinking, "How can I possibly practice positive thinking during a panic attack?" Well, if you understand what is causing the attack you know you will live through the episode as you have in the past.
Try to immediately change your thought processes during the attack and tell yourself that you are going to get through it.
Think assertively and tell yourself that you can do it.
The main cause of a panic attack is usually negative thinking.
If you can condition yourself to practice positive thinking you will be able to head off a panic attack before it occurs and stop a panic attack after it has reared its ugly head.
Keep in mind that this process does not happen overnight.
You have to stay consistent and determined with changing your thought processes but you can do it These are just a few tidbits of advice on how to stop a panic attack.
If you do some homework on the topic you will find a variety of helpful methods for preventing and halting an attack.
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