HostGator Review Part 2: Choosing My Hosting Plan

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Recently I built my first website for my small business using HostGator to host it.
This series of articles is intended to share my experience building and running my site.
In part 2 we will look at which hosting plan I choose to use and how I made that decision.
One of the things that I found to be very confusing when it came to building my website was choosing the right hosting plan.
I had no trouble deciding that HostGator was the best option for a hosting company but it turned out that was just the first decision that had to be made.
It turns out that they offer a huge variety of hosting plans so I would have to make a decision on which one was best for my business.
The first decision that had to be made was whether or not I needed a dedicated server.
HostGator offers a number of excellent plans for people who do need them but I decided that it was not necessary in my case.
I also decided that a virtual private server was not necessary, I am building just a small site for my business after all.
Therefore I made the decision that I was going to go with shared hosting.
This is what most people who use HostGator choose so it seemed like the best option for my needs.
Once I had decided that a shared server was the best option for my site I still had to choose a plan, HostGator offers several of them.
The issue was a little bit confusing because all of their plans offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth.
Most of the research I did said that making sure that I got enough of these was the most important thing.
I therefore considered going with the cheapest option however on reflection I decided that since I was building the site for my business the best choice would be the business plan.
This costs almost three times as much as the basic plan, although it is still only eleven dollars a month.
For the extra price I get unlimited domains, a private SSL certificate and a toll free phone number.
To be completely honest I have not really had any need for the extra features that come with the business plan that HostGator offers.
I am only using one domain and since I don't actually sell any products online the private SSL certificate is really not necessary.
I also really don't need the toll free number since all of my customers are local.
However it is good to have these things as it will allow me to expand my business down the road.
Given the very low price that HostGator offers it is worth it to have this flexibility for the future.
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