How to Eliminate Nasal Congestion

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    Preparing Your Home

    • 1). Wash all of your sheets thoroughly and make your bed once they are clean. Sleeping in dirty sheets leaves you open to an extended assault of allergens throughout the night.

    • 2). Clean your home thoroughly. Pay special attention to curtains, ceiling fans and air conditioning filters. Dust, hair and other allergens can settle in these places in copious amounts and cause nasal congestion.

    • 3). Purchase a humidifier and set it up in your home. This will keep your nasal passages hydrated, which will help prevent nasal congestion.

    Treating Nasal Congestion

    • 1). Drink lots of water. Keeping hydrated allows your body to fight off the effects of allergens or whatever is causing nasal congestion. Tea, natural juices and electrolyte drinks are good substitutes for water, as well.

    • 2). Use a neti pot to drain excess mucus from your nose for some extra relief.

    • 3). Buy over-the-counter nasal decongestants as well some anti-inflammatory medicine to help lessen red and inflamed nasal passages.

    • 4). Seek the professional help of a doctor or allergist if nasal decongestion persists.

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