Orange Fake Tans: How to Avoid

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Let's face it we've all noticed some terrible fake tans over the years. These can vary from being unnaturally orange in colour instead of brown, they can be streaky, even resemble looking like lizzard skin. Nor are they all necessarily self-applied. So even as the faux tanning industry has become more popular so has the amount of tanning salons exploded onto the market carrying out spray on tanning. They are not all equal however. So make sure you know more than the salon.

We wanted to share the causes for this with you so you can steer clear of these fake tan fails and they range from being:

* Having too much DHA in the product for your skin type
* Poor quality product which almost certainly contains alcohol
* You've applied/had sprayed too much of the product on your skin

So in this blog post we're going to take a look at the initial explanation - too high a DHA for your skin. The primary ingredient which creates the brown appearance we covet so much is down to this one crucial ingredient and it stands for Dihydroxyacetone. This operates together with the proteins in your dead skin cells. It cannot penetrate the layers of the skin which is why it may only last in the region of seven days. Here are our recommendations for selecting the correct amount of DHA to suit your skin tone:

* If you are fair skinned and do not tan naturally within the sun then choose a low DHA product usually something like Unreal Tanning mist-on product in Light this will likely give you a light golden glow that will look wonderful and all-natural on your skin. In case you prefer a tanning bronzing mousse then try our version that is super rapid drying and streak free. You will find no orange tones in our tanners.

* If you tan lightly in the sun then you are safe to apply a darker shade that will give you far more depth something with a Medium strength. Try a tanning gel for the face and neck which provides an incredibly all-natural appearance on the face and look for one which is formulated to be fast drying and glides on easily. A great ingredient to look for in any product because it's extremely nourishing is hyaluronic acid which assists the retention of moisture and plumps out wrinkles making your skin look younger.

* If you tan easily in the sun but desire to steer clear of the ageing difficulties associated with sun bathing then you can use a darker item or try a Rapid Tan product which suits all skin colours but you manage the depth of colour by how long you keep the product on before showering. For darker outcomes keep on for four or 5 hours then shower off.

With all of the tanning products described (except Rapid Tan) you need to leave on for around 6 to 8 hours while your sunless tan develops. Don't forget to exfoliate first to give best results.

For more information on tips and tricks visit us at Unreal Sunless Tanning.
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