How to Get Rid of Antispy Knight

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    • 1). Press "Ctrl" "Alt" and "Delete" simultaneously to open "Task Manager." Click the "Processes Tab." Look for "antispyknight.exe." Right-click on it and choose "End Process." These actions stop the Antispy Knight active process.

    • 2). Click on Start and then select Search. In the Name Field box, type "antispyknight." In the Look In box, choose local hard drives. When the search is over, delete all the files that have been found. Use the same procedure to locate and delete antispyknight[2].msi and antispyknight.lnk.

    • 3). Click Start and then select Run. Type in "regedit" and click OK. The Registry Editor will open. Click Edit, select Find, type "antispyknight" and click Find. When the registry key appears, right-click on it, choose modify, then Delete. Look for and delete---using the same process---Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{D3C91983-DDCC-4586-9FE2-78E8560470CF} and Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\antispyknight.

    • 4). Open your web browser and click Tools. Choose Options and type in your preferred home page, or just choose Use Default. Click Apply. This restores your home page.

    • 5). Block the Antispy Knight website, Each browser and its version has different options for blocking a website, but generally you must locate the Tools tab of the browser, click on Internet Options and locate the Privacy tab. Under that window, click on Sites and type in the website to be blocked, then click OK.

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